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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flavour in respect for nature

From the Land to the table, this is an olive oil made from organic olives, carefully selected, for those who seek to make sustainable choices. Authentic and in harmony with nature, a pleasingly fresh and slightly fruity flavour arises.

100% Biological

This label, present on the labeling of Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio, guarantees that this olive oil has been produced in accordance with the European Union legislation for organic production. See also our organic production certificate:

Ideal for

Cooking and seasoning all types of dishes, for those who prefer organic products. Use it to enrich avocado or hummus dips, to complete a seasonal vegetables salad or to enhance a creamy quinoa and pumpkin risotto.


Since 2022

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The availability of this product may vary from one country to another. For more information, please contact us.

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Since 2022