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On this day, giving back is the best gift

The Day of the World’s Best Father


The Day of the World's Best Father

To be a father is to be an example of comfort, strength and trust. It is where we seek the best hug, the best care and the best advice. Take advantage of our suggestions for this Father’s Day and celebrate all the good things that come with it.

Small details, made with love

On this day, why not take the time to do something with your own hands for your father? Here are some suggestions, easy to do at home, to surprise him:
Make some chocolate brigadeiro. Print some photos with your father, write him a sentence and offer the brigadeiro, with the photos, in a box that you have at home.
Use a jar that you have at home, decorate it with a bow tie and a simple label, with a tender message and fill it with oat and fruit tiles.
nvite your father to relax on the sofa at home and prepare him a cocktail to savour, while you spend some time remembering good family moments.

Simple recipes for a memorable Father's Day

Add a lot of love and affection, a pinch of tenderness, a generous dose of laughter at the table and with a few more ingredients you have at home, make one of your father’s favourite dishes for Father’s Day lunch or dinner. Get inspired with our recipe suggestions, followed with the unique taste of Gallo: